Borderstate Made began in Lexington, KY as an exploration of the influences of time, place and process.  The hand made goods are constructed from materials that are individually selected for their ability to react to both time and usage, and assembled using methods that will assure your item lasts for many years. 

Statement from the Maker

Upon completion, each piece is hand stamped with the date; the 6-digit number is reflective of both the end of the object's assembly and the beginning of a collaboration.  Once my role as the maker has finished, the piece begins to evolve in response to time, light, and usage, transforming from its initial state to a reflection of you. For this reason, my work is free of logos; I prefer that each object is appreciated and recognized for the duration of time it has remained in service rather than for the person by which it was made.  

Your collaborator,

Borderstate Made